Rules and introduction

Ten Talks was a Ph.D. symposium selecting 10 novel papers from current PhD students. The goal of the “ten talks” event was to highlight their work in front of other academics than their supervisors. They were  able to present their work and get feedback on their topic and approach from leading scientists in the field and from fellow students. Additionally, the forum provided an opportunity to meet other students, to learn about their work and last, but not least, to discuss Ph.D. related issues.


Authors had to submit the work as an abstract. The work must be novel and must report original work done as part of Ph.D. studies. Literature surveys without research studies were not counted.


Interested students had to email their interests to bioquest@amrita.edu and details of their submission (number, title, lab details, and Ph.D. advisor’s name and affiliations). Very special considerations were made to allow new authors to apply for the Ten Talks event if he/she has not already sent the abstract before April 15, 2013.

The abstracts were printed as part of BioQuest proceedings. Ten-Talks was an oral presentation event.


Best presentation were evaluated by a panel of judges and winner received a new laptop as determined by the Ten Talks event committee, in addition to a certificate of recognition.
Second best talk received a trophy and certificate of recognition.

While at the event these were the guidelines:

  • Think before you present
  •  Respect others
  • Do not link to unrelated articles but do not miss the most significant ones.
  • Your success is very important so is the uniqueness of your science.
  • Most important: Have fun and enjoy the symposium!


Abstract No. Track Category Author(s) Abstract
223 Biomedical Engineering Winner Sreerekha PR, Deepthy Menon, Shiv K Nair, Shantikumar V Nair and Krishnaprasad Chennazhi  PDF
130 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Runner-Up Krishna R Murthy, Renu Goel, Harrys Jacob, Praveen R Murthy, Srinivas M Srikanth, Rakesh Sharma, Nandini A Sahasrabuddhe, Arun Parashar, Bipin G Nair, V Krishna, T.S.Keshava Prasad, H.C Harsha and Akhilesh Pandey  PDF