Invited Talk: Screening flavonoids for NF-kB inhibitory effect as potential breast cancer therapy @ Sathyam Hall | Vallikavu | Kerala | India
11:00 am
Ayyappan Nair, Ph.D. Head, Business Development (Technologies, Discovery Biology), Anthem Biosciences & DavosPharma, New Jersey, USA Inhibition of NF-κB regulated gene expression by chrysoeriol suppresses tumorigenesis in breast cancer cells Amrutha K1, Pandurangan Nanjan1, Sanu K Shaji1, Damu Sunilkumar1, Subhalakshmi
Invited Talk: “Inside-out” NF-kappa B signaling in cancer and other pathologies @ Acharya Hall | Vallikavu | Kerala | India
11:25 am
Shigeki Miyamoto, Ph.D. Professor, McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research – UW Carbone Cancer Center Department of Oncology, School of Medicine and Public Health University of Wisconsin-Madison “Inside-out” NF-κB signaling in cancer and other pathologies The NF-κB/Rel family of transcription factors contributes to critical